Rocket is close to 7 1/2 years old and is an ex-stud, although has been neutered for well over three years. He is microchipped and NZCF registered.

The best home for Rocket will be as follows:

  • Experienced with the Burmese breed
  • No other cats (a quiet, cat friendly dog may be acceptable)
  • Must be within two hours drive of Palmerston North
  • Must be willing to keep indoors only preferably with access to a safe outdoor area such as a catio – as he’s never been exposed to the dangers of outdoor life
  • A rural home may be considered if well away from roads

The best home for Rocket will be one where where he is the only cat and where he will be adored and given the attention that he deserves – he loves playtime each day and going for walks in a harness.

Rocket has pica, also known as wool chewing. What does this mean? He chews holes in particular fabrics, we have noticed woollen blankets and polar fleece in particular. This shouldn’t be an issue if these items are kept out of his way, however if not this presents the very real risk of a life-threatening intestinal blockage.

Please contact us for more information – we are in no hurry to ensure the right home for him.