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Please use the form below to contact us if you are interested in a Burmese or Mandalay Kitten.

Please ensure that you have read the Information for Prospective Owners pages prior to contacting us.

Note that we are a small boutique cattery and we do not have kittens available all year round.

From January 2020 we will not be running a waiting list. Our litters are announced on our Facebook page, please ensure you remain in contact with us to confirm your interest. Those already on our pre-existing waiting list will remain and we will be in contact as we have kittens available.

Your assistance in completing this questionnaire will help us to place the right kitten in your home and to ensure that a Burmese is the right cat for you.

NOTE: Preference is given to homes that are genuinely safe – ie indoor only, indoor with outdoor enclosure (ie catio) access or rural homes that are well away from busy roads.

All information supplied in this form will be kept private and used only by us.