Our Cats & Cattery

We have one of only a few Burmese & Mandalay catteries in New Zealand that is NZCF Inc Accredited.

This means our cattery and the way that we raise our kittens meet and exceed standards drawn up by the New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc.

To retain this status, we must have an inspection every two years by an approved veterinarian.

Our cattery runs are purpose built.  They are all insulated and have power so that in winter the cats can have electric blankets, and in summer they can have fans.

Our cats have been DNA tested negative for Hypokalaemia and Gangliosidosis.

It is extremely important when searching for Burmese and any of the breeds related to Burmese (Mandalay, Burmilla, Tonkinese, Tiffany, Bombay) ensure that the breeder has at the least tested their breeding cats for Hypokalaemia.