What we provide

  • Pedigree Papers: New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc registration
  • Microchip: Kittens are all microchipped and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register
  • Desexing: All kittens are desexed before leaving for their new homes
  • Vaccinations: We ensure kittens have at least their first vaccination
  • Royal Canin Starter Kit: Includes instructions for redeeming a free a bag of Royal Canin kitten food and discount vouchers.
  • Comfy blanket: Every kitten gets a blanket to take to their new home, this gives them something familiar in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Written Agreement: We sign this as well as the new kitten or cat owner.  This outlines our expectations when it comes to welfare of the kitten throughout its life, gives a health guarantee and commits us to be available at any stage to provide information with regard to health and well being of the kitten or cat.
  • Kitten Care Information: Our kitten care information booklet is provided to you and contains a wealth of information to prepare you for your kitten’s arrival.